Ida Candle/Pot


The Hyggelight candle, also known as "the growing candle" is a beautiful 2-in-1 gift. The candle is made of 100% soy wax and scented with organic/non-toxic fragrance oils. Once the wax is melted the handmade ceramic pot can be used to plant wildflower seeds that are embedded in the wrap found around the pot. 


  • 10 oz
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 3.25"
  • Burn Time = 50 hrs


Candle Wax Removal Instructions:

When you are finished with your candle simply remove metal wick holder with a butter knife and soften remaining wax with a hairdryer. Wipe up liquid wax with a paper towel then wash pot with soap and water to remove oily residue.

Seed Paper Instructions:

Soak seed paper logo wrap in water. Fill your ceramic pot 3/4 of the way with soil. Rip seed paper into dime size pieces and place in the pot and lightly sprinkle soil on top. Keep soil moist for 1-3 weeks so all variations of seeds have a chance to sprout, then water as needed. You should have your first sprouts within 24-48 hours.

About the Seed Paper:

The seed paper contains a blend of wildflower seeds which has a 70% germination rate. So even if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll have a good shot of getting these to grow. Seed Variations Included: Candytuft, Corn Poppy, Five Spot, Catchfly, English Daisy, Baby Blue Eyes, Siberian Wallflower, Scarlet Flax, Zinnia, Sweet William Pinks, Gloriosa Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon, and Black-Eyed Susan.

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